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Making the Switch: 5 Things You Should Know About Natural Deodorant for Kids


It can be challenging to create a safe, healthy, and empowering environment for your children in the best of times. When it comes to hygiene, it isn’t unnatural to want the safest, most beneficial products for your kids. Switching from aluminum-based antiperspirants to natural deodorant for your kids is worth considering in efforts to create a safer, more organic hygiene regimen. Whether you’ve considered natural deodorant before or you’re just now looking into it, there are definitely some things you should know when making the switch.


The Basics Of Antiperspirants

There are several key distinctions between natural forms of deodorant and antiperspirants. One of the biggest differences is that antiperspirants rely heavily on the use of aluminum. Therefore, it is helpful to understand why traditional forms of deodorant use this particular ingredient. Aluminum is absorbed into your sweat glands, creating gelatinous plug that disrupts the skin and prevents it from sweating. This is why antiperspirants have been the dominant form of deodorant for so long. It also means that when switching to a natural deodorant, it can take some time to adjust as your sweat begins to come out naturally and makes contact with your skin.


Though effective, antiperspirants block our pores, trapping in toxins and bacteria that sweat would normally remove. Not only that, but the chemical ingredients they use are also being absorbed into the body. Many people make the switch to natural deodorant because they prefer a chemical-free, environmentally friendly option that absorbs sweat rather than blocking it.

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How Natural Deodorant is Different?

Rather than relying on aluminum and other industrial additives such as parabens, phthalates, and glycols, natural deodorants like Tandem use plant-based powders and natural fragrances to absorb sweat and eliminate odors. It doesn’t block pores and allows the body to sweat naturally and manage the process in a natural way. Not only are they cruelty-free and chemical-free, but they’re also more suited to those with sensitive skin, particularly children. It’s non-irritating, completely natural, and most importantly, it smells great.

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What To Expect From Making The Switch?

When first switching to natural deodorant for your kids, there will likely be a temporary period of adjustment before it begins to work properly. In most cases, this period lasts between two to four weeks, but there are some that may not experience an adjustment period at all. However, there are noticeable effects that occur when aluminum is no longer blocking their pores. Most kids sweat more than usual, which leads to stronger odors. However, this is normal and temporary adjust that will pass. Their skin requires time to adapt to the natural deodorant before it begins working effectively.  Some refer to this period as detoxing the armpits, as the once trapped bacteria and toxins are released. After using antiperspirants, the underarms need a little time to excrete some of these excess compounds that they’ve been detaining.

 Switching for antiperspirant to natural deodorant infographic

Managing The Detox Process

Remember, your kids body odor may smell a bit stronger for a while, but eventually, their natural deodorant should start to absorb their sweat and leave them smelling better. In the meantime, there are a few tricks you could apply to help speed along the process, increase the effectiveness of the switch, and ensure their sweat won’t be an overbearing issue while they adjust.


  • Remind Them To Apply Regularly – In order to move beyond this adjustment, it’s important that they give their body time to adapt by applying their deodorant regularly. It may also help if they apply their natural deodorant a little more often than normal, which will counter sweat-induced bacteria.


  • Choose Your Time To Switch Carefully – There’s nothing wrong with waiting a short while if there are important events like weddings, graduations, or school dances coming up. You may also want to consider making the switch to natural deodorant during cooler times of the year, such as winter or fall to keep their sweating to a minimum.


  • Make Hydration Count – As children sweat more, they’re using more of their body’s water reserves, so they will need to stay hydrated. Chances are, they’ll probably be pretty thirsty anyway after they start sweating, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure they’re drinking enough water.


  • Improve Bathing Techniques – There are several ways bathing can help reduce sweaty odors. For example, using warm water will open pores, making it easier to clean. Also, a good natural soap pairs well with warm water to clear away bacteria. Be sure they dry off well. Many kids tend to forget to dry their underarms, which welcomes bacteria induced odors. Natural deodorants are more likely to work when applied on dry skin.


  • Use Breathable Fabrics More Often – Absorbent fabrics will absorb moisture, which helps reduce odor caused by bacteria. Wool, cotton, hemp, bamboo, and linen are all good choices. Try to limit synthetic fabrics, as these tend to repel moisture which can produce more odor and make natural deodorant work a little harder.


  • Be Patient – It takes time for most people to adjust to natural deodorant. If a full month has passed without much change, don’t be discouraged. Everyone’s skin works a little differently. Try a different natural deodorant. It is certainly better than reverting back to antiperspirant

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Aluminum-Free Deodorant For Kids

At Tandem, our deodorant is aluminum-free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and naturally fragrant. We offer a selection of deodorants for kids, each with its own unique scent and character. There are no harsh chemicals to irritate their skin, only simple, plant-based ingredients. Currently, we’re offering $2.00 off anyone’s first purchase when they use the code “switch” when checking out. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment, this could be the time. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, and make the switch today!

Home » The Companion » Making the Switch: 5 Things You Should Know About Natural Deodorant for Kids

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