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Why Natural Deodorant is the Best Option for Kids Reaching Puberty


Puberty can be a challenging time for parents and kids. When changes in puberty begin to take shape in kids, body odor is one of the first noticeable events to surface. It’s a perfectly natural phenomenon that many parents find challenging. Although conventional deodorants and antiperspirants may seem like the best solution, the truth is, most of them are filled with chemicals that could impact their bodies and development. Fortunately, there are natural deodorants available. They are a perfect alternative for managing odor without exposing kids to harmful toxins.


When Does Body odor Begin?

The sweat glands or apocrine glands are activated during the onset of hormonal changes in puberty. They are found in the armpits and groin area and will release a thick fluid (sweat) through the hair follicles when stressed. Generally, sweat is odorless until it encounters bacteria living on the skin. The bacteria will absorb the sweat and produced a persistent odor unless it’s countered by a daily hygiene regimen.


Children can experience body odor around the same time that puberty hits. In girls, its age 8 to 13 while in boys, puberty occurs between the ages of 9 to 15.  Around those ages, kids sweat glands become more active, resulting in body odor. It’s certainly important to note that sweats glands are not always the culprit as poor hygiene could also be a contributing factor. If good a hygiene regimen used, it’s probably time to start introducing deodorant as soon as possible. With most deodorant, it’s best to start gradually to see how effective the product is and how your child’s skin reacts to it. This is truer with antiperspirants and products with a high amount of industrial chemicals. However, there are natural alternatives that will significantly minimize the risk of an adverse reaction to the skin.


When does body odor begin in kids- Infographic


Why Choose Natural Deodorant For Kids?

With most deodorants, you’re essentially using an assortment of chemicals to block or conceal the sweat your body is making. Many deodorants rely heavily on chemical fragrances with undisclosed ingredients, as well as different preservatives, pesticides, and bactericidal compounds. Some deodorants such as antiperspirants also carry aluminum compounds, intended to plug up the skin and block sweat from coming out. Aerosol antiperspirants contain butane or other gases, which are particularly harmful when ingested. Aside from the obvious risks these substances entail, there are some pretty consequential factors parents should be aware of. Many common preservatives, such as parabens and phthalates, have been linked to hormonal imbalances, which can be especially problematic for kids reaching puberty. Many of these substances can also be quite irritating for children with sensitive skin, who may require something less harsh.


What You Should Know About Natural Hygiene

As a parent, there’s no question that hygiene is important, but there are various factors one needs to decide. When opting for an all-natural route, there are definitely a few changes one should expect, especially for those who’ve mostly relied on harsh, chemical products themselves. The most essential point is that hygiene takes effort to maintain, even with the help of natural deodorants and other personal care products. A good hygiene and cleanliness regimen is still necessary for kids to take their wellness to its fullest potential.

Unlike antiperspirants and other chemical deodorants, natural deodorants don’t seek to treat the issue of body odor by blocking sweat. Rather, they allow the body to sweat normally but utilize plant-based powders and fragrances to absorb sweat and emit a fresher scent overall. This approach eliminates the need for aluminum and other industrial compounds, but it also means that kids are going to get sweaty now and then. Regular, thorough bathing, particularly in the underarms and other strong areas, is always recommended for maintaining a pleasant aroma and healthy state of being. Even with the help of deodorant, it’s still a good idea to clean away any excess sweat and bacteria, not to mention anything else that may be building up. With proper bathing and all-natural personal care products combined, any child could be ready to handle the business of growing up without worrying over something as simple as body odor.

 Kids Natural Hygiene Process- Infographic


Remember, Wash & Dry Thoroughly For Best Results!

  • Rinse and wash the underarms, feet, genital area, and all surface areas of skin to kill any bacteria and remove excess sweat.
  • Remember to dry properly! Excess moisture can be a haven for odor-causing bacteria.
  • Shower quickly after a workout or other strenuous activities to prevent body odor before it becomes a problem.
  • Wear clean clothes that haven’t absorbed any sweat, and be sure to wash the ones that have!
  • Use natural deodorant consistently for best results.


Natural Deodorants For Kids

At Tandem, we’re proud to offer a variety of natural deodorants for kids. Our products are created using sustainable sourced plant-based ingredients. There’s no aluminum, parabens, phthalates, or any other toxic additives. They’re entirely vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and effective. Each kind has its own unique natural scent and character, perfect for giving kids a chance to try different options. Make the switch today and get started on a safer, more responsible personal care regime for you and your family.

Home » The Companion » Why Natural Deodorant is the Best Option for Kids Reaching Puberty

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