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About Us

Our Story

As early as the age of 8, our kids’ body odor began losing its pleasantness as puberty arrived. Their vulnerability to synthetic chemicals found in conventional deodorants posed too much risk. They were full of harsh chemicals, known hormone disruptors, and other toxins, so it was important for us to create products exclusively for kids.

Just like you, we searched for a natural, risk-free option that actually worked. When we didn’t find it, we designed our own. A natural deodorant made exclusively for kids. Tandem was born!

Starting with their smelly pits, we tackled a natural phenomenon of puberty using natural ingredients that contains zero toxin. Tandem was founded to help other parents give their kids the confidence they need when it comes to combating body odor. We offer a solution that’s safe enough for our own kids, and safe enough for yours.

Our Purpose

At Tandem we know that parents want the best for their kids. They shouldn’t have to compromise their child’s safety and vulnerability when it comes to personal care products.

That’s why our team is dedicated to providing non-toxic, all natural, and effective deodorant designed exclusively with your child’s sensitive skin and vulnerability in mind.

We aim to outperform the status quo of conventional kid’s deodorant and transform theoretical ideas into realized results. All while utilizing the safest and most natural alternatives in order to solve your child’s personal care needs.

Our Promise

At Tandem we promise to deliver parents with the highest-quality natural deodorant for kids possible. We will always provide a product that is effective, natural and safe enough for the person that’s most important to you, your child.

Tandem will continue sourcing plant-based and environmentally friendly ingredients that are never tested on animals. We will always place your child’s well-being above all, and give you, the parents, the peace of mind you deserve.